​Saving the Planet, Increasing Your Energy Efficiency

With solar-powered residential and commercial solutions

Change the way you power your energy needs with our large network of local utilities, contractors, technicians, green appraisers and green realtors to isolate energy-efficient, profitable programs. We ensure the efficiency and credibility of our energy-efficient products for years to come.

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Who We Are

CEB is committed to providing our clients with affordable, energy-efficient installations. Our products are made from the highest materials made in the USA. We use state-of-the-art energy-efficient products to fuel the energy needs of our customers in a sustainable way.

We have partnered with various local utilities, contractors, technicians, green appraisers and realtors to deliver energy-efficient programs reducing residential and commercial energy consumption and energy costs while saving the planet.

At California Energy Builder, we’re on a mission to lead the way to clean, green, and affordable energy systems. All our products are 100% UL-certified, with systems for any size application.

Making Sustainable Energy an Affordable Necessity

With skyrocketing energy prices from the gas pump to the grid, we make going green affordable and convenient.

California Energy Builder’s energy-efficient solutions are cost-effective and sustainable. Choosing sustainable solutions is the need of the hour, and we make it easier with our 100% guaranteed solutions.

Our Construction Services

We make sustainable energy-saving solutions easy to access for everyone. Even if you are new to the industry, we can guide you through our exclusive solutions in both commercial and residential applications, fueling a cleaner, brighter, and more affordable future.


Make your buildings energy-efficient through roofs with lesser sun absorption and higher thermal emittance.

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HVAC Services

Sustaining the optimal atmosphere inside your spaces byregulating the seasonal heating and cooling through our HVAC systems.

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Building homes and offices that are safe, controlled for temperature and have a view. Our exclusive windows provide all of this.

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COOL Paints

Coloring your homes and commercial spaces with paints that reflect sunlight, light up your room and make them look and feel cool and cozy.

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ADU Services

Extending your living space by setting up a functional, energy-efficient additional living unit and making it smart with our smart green solutions.

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Why Choose California Energy Builders?

California Energy Builders stands true to its green initiative. We offer solutions and products that align with our idea of saving the planet. We extend our services to residential and commercial space owners who understand the importance of green solutions for the earth, mankind and the economy.


Our experts and ultraprecise installers bring their expertise to get the job done within a few days saving your time and money.

Financial Benefit

Our renewable energy solutions help homeowners enjoy tax incentives, rebates, warranties and increased home value.


Homeowners can now make tiny affordable monthly payments, get cashback, energy savings, and reduced property tax by removing the PACE lien.

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