Windows with a Purpose

Windows and doors are one of the most functional elements of any interior. As much as you want them to be aesthetically pleasing, they need to be as durable and energy efficient to serve their function optimally.

California receives ample sunlight that may cause the temperatures to rise in summers. Installing windows that restrict the sunlight and save the inside temperature of the building from growing in summers is an essential part of home planning. CEB offers specialized windows and doors that are energy efficient, secure and durable. We offer a wide variety of window designs, various sizes and shapes and source from high-quality manufacturers the finest quality window materials to provide you windows with a purpose.

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CEB is proud to have partnered with several manufacturers who can furnish the various needs of our customers. We can source the windows and doors in custom shapes and sizes to fit your home design, keeping in view the energy efficiency and durability of the designs.

We also cater to the commercial window and doors installations making commercial buildings more energy-conserving, reducing their cost of utility bills and increasing their profits.

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