About Us

The energy crisis is the biggest fear for the world today, and the need for sustainable, renewable energy is the need of the hour. The world needs more affordable and accessible solutions that can help them reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint to save the planet.

CEB offers smart, energy-efficient solutions to help its customers gain control of their carbon footprint and energy needs. We serve residential and commercial energy needs through solar-powered and many other construction solutions.

What Makes Us Better?

Qualified Process

Our Certified USDOE energy auditor will perform an energy audit to rate your home energy use according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Financial Support

CEB works with green banks offering the lowest rates to help homeowners implement energy efficiency upgrades. The homeowner uses the loan to pay for the energy efficiency upgrades.

Increased Home Value

We have a network of competent green realtors and appraisers who understand the value of a truly high-performing, energy-efficient, green home in the marketplace and help you find the best price.

Green Energy Benefits

There are many environmental benefits, financial savings, and energy efficiency upgrades that increase the overall value of your home and save you the financial cost of energy consumption.


We follow what we believe in.

Customer safety & satisfaction.

We wish to build a future where people move to solar technologies safely and satisfactorily, enjoying green energy with peace and functionality.

Clean and Green Solutions

Because the world of tomorrow needs to be taken care of today, and our grandchildren deserve the same clean air, drinkable water, and green planet we enjoy.



We see the future of solar technologies as a win-win for everyone, buyers, sellers, the economy and the planet. We wish to invest in innovative solutions and gain benefits for everyone.

Our Mission and Vision

How we see the future and what we do about it


To get our planet to net zero

The global push to reach zero emissions by 2050 is already in swing. California Energy Builder is committed to providing assistance and advanced technological energy storage solutions that reduce humanity's carbon footprint and protect the environment.

To support the grid

Residential solar storage systems increase reliability and reduce peak loads, making the grid more reliable for its remaining users. This individual initiative can be a blessing for other consumers and significantly reduce expensive energy consumption.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Solar batteries store surplus energy—whether from a solar panel or straight from the grid—enabling homeowners to cut their electricity bills significantly while having a more resilient power bank in an emergency. We cut your financial burden with energy-efficient solutions.

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