Cool Paint


Thickness After Drying
COOL LIFE Coating dries many times thicker than paint.

Make Your Home as Comfortable as it Can be

Cool Paints on the roofs are one of the effective ways to turn your regular home into a smart dwelling. Cool paints are special sun-reflecting paints coated on the roof to reflect sunlight. They help keep the interior temperature controlled in the hot Californian sun. This is a practical way to avoid over-exposure to sunlight as cool paints do not absorb the U.V. rays or let them warm up the interiors.

Energy Efficient Wall Paints

With COOL LIFE Paint, You Never Need To Repaint Your Home & You Don’t Need To Worry About Getting Or Replacing Your Insulation.

The COOL LIFE Coating System
allows your home to breathe.

Save Your Utility Bills

Save up to 20% of your energy bills with CEB painting services. We use the highest quality cool paints to coat your insulations perfectly and help you keep your homes and offices cooler even in hot summer temperatures. From skyscrapers, multi-apartment condominiums, and commercial buildings to industrial infrastructure, we cater to the painting needs of every customer.

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