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From High-rise Buildings to Family Homes

Turning normal buildings into smart spaces

CEB solar solutions are not limited to either residential or commercial spaces. We empower the high-rise buildings such as multi-apartment complexes to single-family homes with equal expertise and efficiency.

Government grids, corporate price hikes, global inflation and energy crisis pose several risks to the fluidity of businesses and individuals’ lifestyles. Businesses and homeowners must find cost-effective ways to help reduce their financial burden of energy consumption and reduce their dependency on external factors like government grids, etc.

CEB is thrilled to work with some of the best Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) who provide us with UL-certified products tested and manufactured to the highest standards. CEB Solar panel installers bring forward their experience and expertise to provide robust and optimized installation to make your building energy-efficient.

Smart Residential Solar Solutions

Solar-powered homes are the future. This powerful technology has already proved to be profitable in many spheres. On an individual level, reducing your carbon footprint begins with reducing your energy consumption, which means switching to ways that can save you bucks and the planet.

CEB Solar solutions make your homes smart and sustainable. We bring forward the highest-quality equipment and installation services that maximize your use of solar energy and empower you with the freedom of using the energy you are generating by yourself. Never again you would have to face the fear of electricity bills or growing utility prices.

Modern-day solar panels and storage systems are more absorbent, reliable and affordable to install, maintain and repair. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle has never been easier. With just a call, you can turn your energy-consuming home into an energy-generating smart space with security, safety and integrity of its own.

Are you ready to step forward to a green future affordably?

Customized Commercial Solar Solutions

Tons of global innovation in Solar technology make solar energy one of the best sustainable, renewable energy resources. It is cost-effective, energy-efficient and profitable for businesses looking to cut operational costs.

Every business is faced with the challenge of powering its infrastructure, equipment and machines. Using free resources like solar energy can cut down the insanely high utility bills and cost a one-time investment only. After 3 -6 years,your investment is also returned, and all your investment is saved.

Every commercial building has its unique set of challenges. No one solar solution can fit all commercial spaces. CEB experts inspect your facilities for their unique challenges and propose a solution that best addresses your energy needs while keeping them within your budget.

We use the available spaces to install the maximum number of solar panels needed for the building and find the best dimensions and equipment to provide you a reliable, uninterrupted energy supply.

If you are ready to have a positive bottom line, then it is your chance to get a customized solar solution installed by the experts.

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Experience Independence like Never Before

Complete Rooftop Solar and Storage Systems with Decades of Dependability

When you call energy experts like CEB, you can create your own affordable, clean energy and gain independence from your utility company. A CEB solar installation can help power your home or commercial building on a budget. Enjoy maximum energy output and the minimum cost and fuel your energyneeds freely and uninterruptedly.

We offer several residential and commercial solar plans to help you start your solar journey. Find out the ideal fit for your budget and unique energy needs.

Why Choose CEB for Your Energy Needs?

Easy Integration, Smart Application, Customized Solutions

CEB offers certified,standardized solar panels and expert installation services at variable financial plans. Homeowners and business owners can avail of the lease payment plan, flexible solar financing, or pay outright if they have enough investment. Our customized solutions address your unique needs and are reliable,costing you minimum maintenance over the years and maximum output to offset your initial investment in a few years. Get your solar solutions installed today by CEB experts for the peace of mind you have never experienced before.

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