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Residential HVAC Solutions

Take control of your comfort with our energy-efficient HVAC Solutions. CEB specializes in providing HVAC to residential customers at the most competitive prices. Our affordable solutions are reliable and flexible. We keep your homes safe and temperature controlled with maximum energyefficiency and minimum load on your utility bills. With expert installation, easy integration and excellent quality equipment, we improve the air quality of your homes, and the noiselevel is kept to the bare minimum to make your houses a peaceful space to live in.

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Light Commercial and Commercial HVAC Solutions

A properly installed and integrated HVAC is the best solution to control large spaces’ temperature. CEB experts are experienced in designing and installing the HVAC in commercial buildings with multiple rooms and various challenges. Our indoor light commercial and commercial solutions fit the budget of our commercial users and are highly reliable. We offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness and energyefficiency in all our commercial solutions to help our clients cut operational costs and make their buildings smarter.

If you wish to increase your profits, choose an expert HVAC like CEB and maximize your building’s energyefficiency.


Unprecedented flexibility for HVAC&R configurations.

PTAC Commercial Solutions

Amana-brand PTAC

CEB partners with some of the best original manufacturers of PTAC units in the industry to source the high-standard equipment through the wall and zoned heating and cooling products that meet the needs of all types and sizes of commercial buildings. We offer Electric, Heat Pump or Hydronic energy formats;however, the kind of PTAC unit suitable for your installation depends upon the needs of your commercial building and your budget. Our experts will inspect your area and propose the most optimal solution for your commercial building.

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Amana-brand PTAC

Industry-leading Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners to enjoy comfort at your home or office.


CEB offers applied/industrial energy-efficient HVAC solutions to all sizes and scales of industries. Whether you want to extend the life of your existing building equipment or install a new commercial enterprise from scratch, our experts will design a custom solution to address all your industrial needs efficiently. Our solutions are also scalable, allowing you to extend them in the future as you grow your business.

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Daikin Applied

Daikin Applied delivers superior air quality and energy-efficient solutions for your commercial and industrial needs.

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